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China's industry and government working together
towards a greener future at the China Green
Manufacturing Summit 2012 in Shanghai.

                        Event Overview

Why you should attend

Attend this informative training and gain practical insights into:
a world class manufacturing operation for strong competitive edge
"zero" emission rate and significantly reduce the costs
manufacturing waste with successful lean manufacturing program

Conference Background

 Green Manufacturing is a lateral concept which finds relevance in all sectors across the manufacturing industry. Led by innovation this concept has found tremendous opportunities in segments such as Automotive, Steel, Cement, Electronics, Real Estate & building, IT & IT Technologies, Mining, Chemicals Water & Water Equipment and Processes, etc. Companies are investing heavily inbuilding up green products (Green Automotive, Green Cement), processes, supplychain and technology that is eco friendly.

Bringing together leaders experts from across the industry, the upcoming China Green Manufacturing Summit 2012 provided an excellent platform for a constructive discussion on green manufacturing and complemented Chinese efforts of promoting the country as a green manufacturing location.

The Summit therefore will have a special focus on green manufacturing products, technology, processes, and best practices, advanced manufacturing technique, technology acquisition process and experience from select sectors pertaining to all sectors across manufacturing.

Who should attend

This conference is designed for Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Heads, Senior Managers and Managers from:
. Manufacturing / Manufacturing Engineering
. Production
. Operations / Plant Operations
. Factory
. Quality
. Quality Assurance
. Quality Control
. Supply Chain
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