Conference Background

These recent years have witnessed the world economy going through a tough period towards recovery which varies from region to region. The year of 2016, the beginning year of China’s 13th FYP, will be a crucial year for the world, especially for China, as the second largest economy, it is stepping into a new 13th FYP development period, the newly released environmental protection laws will strengthen the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s ability to punish polluters in a more severe way, the revisions marked the first change to China’s environmental protection legislation since 1989, when the EPL first took effect. According to Xinhua News Agency, the revisions call for improved monitoring of both the environment and health; improved survey and risk assessment mechanisms; and more severe punishments for polluting. The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2015.

Summit Highlights

  • Latest updates and interpretation on legislation and regulatory changes in Pollution Supervision, Emission Levy and New Corporate Liabilities
  • Industry and Trade Enterprise’s Safety Parameters in accordance with national standards by the end of 2015: e.g. safety, backward production capacity, enforcement measures, credit financial aid, etc.
  • Establishing effective EHS Strategies in line with Global Best Practices
  • Recent amendments of EHS regulatory requirements and their implications for manufacturing companies
  • Process Safety and EHS Code - “Sustainable Manufacturing: Process Safety and EHS"
  • Protecting Your Brand Reputation and Reducing Supply Chain Risks: The Safety Practices of Your Suppliers Matter
  • Reaching for the "Tipping Point": Managing Occupational Hygiene Risks and Liabilities in Asia
  • Sustainable and Green Factory Management
  • Beyond the Value: Optimizing and Influencing Suppliers’ EHS & CSR Performance across whole value chain
  • ...


Below please the testimonials and comments from our delegates:

  • “Randal Chan has done a good job in pulling this summit together, wishing there will be more companies getting involved in this event”
    Ken Tsang
    Senior Advisor
    Association of International Chemical Manufacturers
  • “It’s been indeed a fruitful trip for me at the 2nd Annual CEES 2013, looking forward to be present in similar events”
    Christina Chua
    Sr. HSSE Manager, Asia-Pacific
  • “Thank you for your great organization and efforts to make this summit a success. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot”
    Tommy Yan
    Occupational Health Safety Advisor Asia Pacific
  • “We think the summit was a great success which served as a great platform for regional EHS expertise to exchange ideas and share best practices”
    Jenny Yu
    Gensuite LLC
  • “Learned a lot of new HSE concepts and latest status in HSE field, will attend the 3rd edition”
    Emily Li
    Technical Support Manager
    HS&E and Facility
    P & G
  • “I really enjoyed this workshop with all attendants, pls inform me if possible in the future”
    Mr. Wentao DAI
    Deputy General Manager
    Environmental & Safety
    Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company.
  • “I was impressed by the good organization of this summit and will definitely recommend it to my clients/contacts in the field of EHS”
    Richard Fischer
    Managing Director & Partner
    Institute Bruno Schmaeling Consulting Group
    Europe West & Asia
  • “The CEES was a great conference and a useful platform to exchange ideas”
    Dr. Arthur Wong
    Asia HSE & Health Services Director